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Modern kitchen cabinets come in a greater variety than has ever been available before. You can find a style for any design that you feel the inspiration for.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets design. We’ll also share some of the tried-and-true, timeless options in kitchen cabinets design.

Kitchen Cabinet Colours

The colours of your kitchen cabinets account for a lot of the room’s personality. Colour is where the inspiration for kitchen cabinets design starts. Let’s go over some colours you might want to consider for your modern kitchen cabinets.

  • White: The most timelessly popular choice among kitchen cabinet colours, white has the great benefit of complementing any and every other colour. It accentuates things like a dark or bright countertop. White also has the benefit of making smaller kitchens appear larger.
  • Blue: Blue has always been one of the more popular colours for kitchens, but it’s seen even greater-than-usual popularity in recent years. Particularly, lighter shades of blue, such as ocean and powder blue, are seeing increasing use. Like white, blues can make rooms appear larger than they are.
  • Black: A more unexpected entrant on this list of colours is black, which has become something of a trend in 2022. Black is sophisticated, moody, and atmospheric. For whatever reason, those qualities have been a major inspiration for people lately. Black has been getting serious buzz as a top choice for modern kitchen cabinets.
  • Red: We’re not talking bright, garish red here, but rather warm shades of red that add a rustic feel to kitchens. In all areas of interior design, people have been reaching back for a classic, rustic feel, and red kitchens are no different.
  • Green: Green kitchen cabinets bring to mind nature, the outdoors, and life, all things that people are seriously craving after coming out of the pandemic lockdowns.

When thinking of kitchen cabinets design, colour is perhaps the primary item of interest. Our previous list has some great ideas, but in the next section, we’ll discuss an interesting approach that you may not have thought of before.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Rather than sticking with one uniform colour for your kitchen cabinets design, you can use a two-tone scheme that plays with contrast. The key to using a two-tone scheme is sticking with colours that fit into the same family in paint charts. Too-stark of a contrast can be off-putting and distracting.

Another good tip is using the darker half of the scheme for items lower in the kitchen and the lighter half for items higher, such as the countertop.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets still draw their inspiration from the past, and wooden kitchen cabinets have been staples forever. In modern kitchen cabinets, the wood is often a composite or something that can be called “wood-like.” Those options are fine, the cabinets we’re talking about this in section are old-school, true wooden cabinets designed to show off their natural grains and richness.

Wooden cabinets that have been roughed-up can be particularly interesting, as can cabinets made of reclaimed wood from something like an old barn or furniture. Naked, minimalistic wood gives a kitchen serious character and depth.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Glass cabinetry is one of the pricier options out there, but it looks fresh and fascinating while also being functional. Imagine never again having to rummage through a cabinet to find something you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll be able to see it from the outside!

While there is a functional use for this design, the real inspiration for glass kitchen cabinets is nearly always style. They just look nice. They also add visual variety, as all the items in your cabinets can be seen. Of course, there’s a drawback to that, as well, because that also means that your clutter will be seen!

Modern kitchen cabinets have all kinds of novel options, but glass cabinets are a particularly popular choice.

Industrial Look

A creative inspiration for modern kitchen cabinets is the industrial-themed kitchen. By “industrial” we don’t mean smoke stacks or hydraulic presses (though that might be cool, too!). We mean something like galvanized steel cabinets with a brass countertop.

Industrial designs have been a popular trend in bars and restaurants for a while, with exposed piping and brick walls. You can draw inspiration for that for your own modern kitchen cabinets.


Modern kitchen cabinets seem to be going in two directions. There is on one hand the search for something new and totally novel, while on the other hand the push for things rustic and timeless. The fortunate thing about that is that designers who keep up on the trends are well-versed in a variety of designs thanks to the continued diversity of modern kitchen cabinets design.

Whichever choice is best for your home, we hope this post was useful!

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