Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Services Do You Provide?

We offer a full service package, which includes:

  • Professional on-site measure
  • Professional kitchen design
  • Product delivery & Unloading
  • Professional cabinet installation
  • Complete project management

How Many Cabinet Lines Do You Offer?

We are Exclusive Authorized Dealers for Merit Kitchens, who have been manufacturing cabinets in the lower mainland since 1971. Merit Kitchens offers 2 cabinet lines both of which offer a pre-finished Birch plywood case.
Merit Kitchens – a Semi-Custom/Custom Line
Lectus Cabinets – a mid-range product line designed to fit any budget.

When Should I Have My Appliances Delivered?

Appliances should be available on site when your cabinets are delivered. It is best that they are stored out of the kitchen, as long as our installers can get access to them for cross-referencing measurements. It is also imperative that you have all of your sinks and faucets readily available for the countertop template. Not having your sinks on site will delay the turn around time for countertop installation.

Should I Have My Flooring Installed Before Cabinets Or Cabinets Before Flooring?

Depending on whom you ask, you may be given different answers, but we can work either way. In our opinion, placing cabinets on top of flooring can be more advantageous. For example, should down the road you wish to change the layout of your kitchen, you are not bound to the footprint of what you had or left scrambling to find extra flooring to match what you have. Cost wise, you might be paying a bit more for material to cover the entire floor, on the other hand, placing the floor down after the cabinets are installed might increase labour costs as more time would be spent cutting the flooring to fit around the cabinets. As well, timelines would lengthen as we would be coming back to install the toe kick. We do request that you protect your flooring with a product called Ramboard, which should be installed 24” from the walls that cabinets will be installed against. We recommend using blue masking/painters tape to adhere.

When Do My Countertops Get Installed?

Once we know when your cabinets will be delivered, we request a template date as close to the beginning of the install as possible. We have our installers install the base cabinets first, as we try to shorten the turn around time for countertop install as much as possible. Similar to your cabinets, both laminate & stone countertops, are made specifically to fit in your space. With the countertop fabricators that we work with, laminate can take up to 10 days, and stone can take between 2-3 weeks before they get installed, barring no unforeseen circumstances.

Do You Install The Countertops?

We have aligned ourselves with reputable countertop fabricators who have a professional team who template, deliver and install your countertops. If you purchase your countertops through us, we will arrange the template and install date for you.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Kitchen?

An average 12’ x 12’ kitchen consists of roughly 20 cabinet cases. A kitchen with this many cases will take 3-4 days to install. Depending on the size of your project and complexity, install can range from 1 day to 4 weeks.

Can I Install My Cabinets Or Have Someone Else Install Them?

In order for your warranty from Merit Kitchens Ltd. to be valid, one of our Installers must install your cabinets. As well, we would have to charge 7% PST to your bill if you or someone else were to install them.

Do You Tear Out Old Cabinets?

Generally this is not a service we offer but we have made exceptions for smaller kitchens or vanities. Usually, it is the contractor or homeowner who would tear out the cabinets. We have had several clients sell their cabinets or even donate them.

How Long Before I Get My Cabinets?

Your cabinets are actually ‘made to order’ specifically for your project. Upon ordering your cabinets, lead times are generally between 6-8 weeks.

Can You Supply Doors Only For My Existing Cabinets?

We only supply full cabinet cases with doors.

Do You Reface Cabinets?

This is not a service that we offer.

How Much Are Your Cabinets Per Linear Foot?

This is a common question for entry-level products and is not a question that is easy to answer, as we find putting a price per linear foot on our product lines can be misleading. Our pricing cannot compare to ‘Big Box Store’ pricing because ‘Big Box Store’ product cannot be compared our locally manufactured product – Canadian built, German engineered. Case material (cabinet box), door style, door finish, open frame doors, drawers vs. doors, drawer hardware and hinges, interior fittings, crown moulding are some of the factors that contribute to the price of your cabinets. If you provide us with dimensions and your wish list, we are happy to provide you with a design and a quote.

Do You Do Complete Renovations?

We work with a number of preferred contractors, and, depending on the scope and
size of your project, we can refer accordingly.

Do You Do Any Of The Electrical Or Plumbing?

We cannot provide any electrical, plumbing, ventilation, appliance installation or other renovation related supplies or services, as we are not licenced to do so. It is always recommended that you hire professionals for such services.

Do You Work With Design Firms And Building/Renovation Contractors?

We work with several reputable design firms, builders and renovation contractors. We are always open to, and welcome the opportunity to work with more!

I Have A Specific Color I’d Like For My Cabinets – Can You Match It?

Yes, Merit Kitchens can color match. Please contact us for further information.

Do You Do Custom Millwork? (Entertainment & TV Wall Units, Fireplace Areas, Etc.)

Yes, just let us know what you have in mind.

What makes us different?

Final Draft is a mid-size company that knows the importance of personal interaction and quality control. Not only are you getting quality cabinets & countertops, you are getting peace of mind knowing our established team of professionals will be there with you throughout the processes of design, measuring, project management, delivery, and installation. Please see our main highlights below:


100% environmentally-responsible cabinetry

Custom Project Design

Design services as a part of Free quote

Fair Pricing

High quality cabinetry at Exceptional value

Life Time Warranty

Customer protection with our Limited Lifetime Warranty

Locally Manufactured

BC locally made by skilled craftspeople

Fully Insured & Certified

Full coverage with WorkSafeBC

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom?

Request a Free no-obligation Quote with a Free Project Design Included