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A house’s heart is its kitchen. That room where we cook our meals is like the spoke of a wheel. Everything else turns around it.

Knowing the importance of kitchens, it’s no surprise that people often want theirs to have a unique personality. They want it to say something about the home they’ve built. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to renovate your kitchen with unique, interesting cabinetry.

On this page, we share the Top 10 ideas to give your own kitchen renovation a zap of individuality. Enjoy!

1. Cabinets Made from Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is popping up all over in a variety of ways, from furniture to (yes, you guessed it) kitchen cabinets. It’s one of the most popular trends going today, so we decided to give it the stop spot in our list of cabinet design ideas.

The appeal of reclaimed wood lies in its character and sense of history. Perhaps because times are changing so fast over the last couple of years, people have been reaching for styles that have a sense of grounding in time.

Reclaimed wood can come from just about anywhere. Old barn wood is a popular choice, but it can equally come from old furniture. Whatever appeals to you can be repurposed into a cool, surprising, yet traditional-feeling kitchen cabinet.

2. Weather Your Kitchen Cabinets

Similar to the first of our cabinet ideas, weathering your existing kitchen cabinets can give them a pleasant feeling or age and comfort. The benefits of going this route over having your kitchen cabinet built from reclaimed wood are that it’s cheaper and easier. You can achieve essentially the same effect without having to do a full kitchen renovation.

3. Make Your Kitchen a Beacon of Light

Sometimes the freshest trends are the ones that never go out of style. In this case, all-white kitchen cabinets give your home a feeling of bright spaciousness. This style is particularly good if you have a kitchen that lets in a lot of natural lighting or one that simply has a lot of manufactured lighting.

In both cases, an all-white kitchen magnifies the light beautifully.

4. Pastel Never Fails

Pastel colours are beautiful choices for cabinet ideas. They are soft and comforting with a retro-feel.

Pastels come in a variety of colours. The term “pastel” isn’t a colour on its own but rather a family of colours with low saturation and high lightness.

You could go with pastel blue, green, pink, or just about any of the colours you can think of. You’re sure to find a pastel version of any of them.

5. Bring the Country to You, Even if You’re in the City

Modern life doesn’t allow all of us the luxury of country living, but one of the more intriguing cabinet design ideas is to bring the country to you. By pairing a light, wooden kitchen cabinet with organic accents and green backsplash, you can give your kitchen that “country kitchen” feeling.

6. Simplify Your Environment with Minimalist Metal Mesh Kitchen Cabinets

When people hear the word “industrial,” they often think of something cold and uninviting. But the truth is that an industrial kitchen cabinet design can give your room a minimalist simplicity that acts as a refuge from the complexity of modern life.

Industrial kitchens are defined by dark colours and raw materials. We’re talking lots of exposed brick walls and plumbing pipes.

A metal mesh-front cabinet would work beautifully with an industrial kitchen. This may be one of the more complicated of the cabinet design ideas on this list because the mesh kitchen cabinet works best with a fully industrial kitchen (and you might not have one), but it’s a cabinet idea to consider, especially if you’re planning to do a full kitchen renovation.

7. Use Layered Lighting to Make a Small Kitchen Bigger

Obviously, no amount of lighting is going to make a kitchen literally bigger, but adding ambient lights inside glass displays, underneath cabinets, and along the ceiling will make an organized small kitchen seem much bigger.

In this piece, we are focused on cabinet ideas rather than full renovations, but if adding some ambient lighting under your existing kitchen cabinet is possible, you can amplify the feeling of space in your kitchen.

8. Go Handle-less

A kitchen cabinet set without handles or other hardware gives your kitchen sleekness and elegance that can feel either futuristic or retro, depending on the rest of the design around it. Taking the handles off your kitchen cabinet set also makes the room feel larger as a whole.

This will strike some as one of the stranger cabinet ideas on this list, but it’s one of those trends that has more substance to it than may initially appear. You can check out a kitchen cabinet that has no handles to get an idea for yourself, or you can simply remove your own.

This is one of our easiest cabinet ideas because you can check it out without having to shop for anything new. Just take the handle off your kitchen cabinet and see how it feels!

9. Rounded Off the Corners

This is one our more functional cabinet ideas. Rounding the corners off your kitchen cabinet has a pleasing aesthetic appeal, but it also saves you (and your kids, if you have them) from those bumps and bruises you get moving around the kitchen.

Rounded corners on your kitchen open up more space in the room. This effect is magnified visually. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger a room feels when the corners are rounded off your kitchen cabinets.

10. Go All Black

The last of our design ideas is the polar opposite of our third suggestion. All-black kitchen cabinets is one of the hotter trends going right now.

A kitchen with all-black kitchen cabinet design has a feeling of sophistication and class.


Whatever personality you’re looking for, changing up your kitchen cabinets can deliver it easier than just about any other kitchen renovation. We hope our top-10 list serves as a useful springboard for your own home design!

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