How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Kitchen Cabinets and Which Colours are Trending Now

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The colour of a kitchen’s cabinets dictates the personality of the kitchen. That’s why choosing the right colours for your own kitchen can be difficult. You’re establishing an energy that you’re going to be immersed in daily for years to come.

We put this page together to help you pick the right cabinet paint colours for your own kitchen. We share what some of the recent trends in cabinet paint colours and how to think through the right colours for your home.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colours and Trends

The variety of cabinet paint colours is widely diverse, which can be both a good and a bad thing. You can find something to communicate any mood or personality, but you can also become lost in the sea of options. That’s why it helps in these cases to look to popular trends that follow the newest styles and approaches.

People are flocking to colours that are muted and calming, as well as colours that have a feeling of our outdoors and nature. Neither of those things are surprising as the world emerges from the pandemic and lockdowns.

Grey is Where the Action Is

Grey might not sound like an exciting colour, but many people today are finding it to be the perfect choice for their home. It’s consistent with a general move towards more rustic, timeless styles, which is also seen in the popularity of things like hand-scraped flooring.

Perhaps because of all the uncertainty that the world has experienced over the past couple of years, people want something grounded and timeless. Greys kitchen cabinets fit this bill nicely.

Modern popular greys come in a variety of forms, including:

  • Grey-green: Green is the colour of life, of spring and of newness. It brings a vitality to any room. Grey compliments it nicely, which is why this is a popular kitchen cabinet colour right now.
  • Grey-brown: This is a combination that will probably surprise many people, but the grey-brown paints popular today have a rich tonal complexity with a lot of depth. Check them out, and you probably won’t be surprised anymore.
  • Grey-blue: Grey-blue offers a calming energy that many people find appealing in these modern times. It’s elegant and composed, with a timelessness that is making it one of the hottest trends today.
  • Just grey: Here we have grey with no complement, a classic, grounded choice that is widely sought-out these days despite the availability of a multitude of brighter colours. There’s a dignity and repose in the grey kitchen cabinetry that no other colour can provide.

Bronze Kitchen Cabinets

In contrast to the throwback feel of greys discussed above, bronze is a bold choice that gives strong character to any kitchen.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green has always been a popular colour for interior decorating, but today there are two varieties that are particularly popular: yellowed and forest green. Both choices bring a feeling of natural life to a room.

Beige Kitchen Cabinets

Beige is a slightly more modern version of the greys discussed above. It has a bit of a fresher feel while still having the appealing qualities of the muted, timeless grey.

How Do I Choose the Colour for My Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen cabinet colours you choose account for a large part of your kitchen’s personality. So, the first key to choosing kitchen cabinet colours is figuring out what personality you want to express to guests but, more importantly, what personality you want to be surrounded by as you do your cooking.

Once you’ve figured out the general feel you want, you’ll want to visit your local paint-supplier. You can choose your kitchen cabinet colours remotely, but it’s best to pick them out in person. The store will have samples so that you can get a good feel of what the colour will actually look like. You should be able to take some samples home to try out in your actual kitchen.

An important point to remember is that the colours will vary slightly depending on the lighting in the kitchen. When you’re sampling colours, try them out at various times of the day and in various lighting.

How to Change the Colour of Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting kitchen cabinets is about more than just slathering paint on the wood. You will first:

  • Remove hardware, drawers, and doors.
  • Strip any gloss that is on the doors.
  • Prime each surface carefully.
  • Paint the individual pieces carefully.
  • Replace all the parts.

You can also order all new doors, panels, trim, and drawer faces. This method will be more expensive, but it’s easier and has the benefit of giving you pieces with brand new lifetimes ahead of them.

Lastly, you could just pay a professional to do it for you!


Everyone struggles to settle on the right kitchen cabinet colours for their home. It’s a big decision that makes a major impact on your house and requires a lot of time and effort (unless you contact a pro).

We hope this page helped you settle on the right colours for your own kitchen cabinets.

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