Things to think about when creating built in Media Units

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Recently we met with a couple who were looking to renovate their living room and create a built in media unit. As we were discussing their ideas and putting things on paper, a few questions came up that inspired me to write this blog.

  • Know what items you wish to display
  • Take measurements of such items – especially height and depth – this way you will be able to figure out how many shelves you will require
  • On a tall unit you will need to have 1 fixed shelf – generally at the mid section. You will have some room to play if you don’t want it exactly at the mid point. 
  • Keep in mind that in most situations the other shelves are adjustable, unless you specify that they all be fixed. This allows for you to change things up should you wish.
  • Not all shelf depths have to be the same – you can add some visual interest by creating tiered shelves
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