Laundry Storage Cabinets and Other Designs for Your Laundry

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A lot of people find doing their laundry to be a tedious chore. In many homes, the laundry room often used to reflect this–out of sight, out of mind! Apart from the laundry machines, there probably wasn’t much thought put into the space. However, times are now changing as more and more people choose to embrace their laundry room. Instead of shutting it away, your laundry room can be a place that adds joy to your daily routine and helps you get back to doing what you love as painlessly as possible.

A good strategy is to maximize the space available and to include as many labour-saving appliances and conveniences as possible to help you be more efficient and to make your chores less of a burden. It’s also important to design a great system with laundry room cabinetry to make sure that clutter from your soaps, cleaning products, and smaller appliances is kept to a bare minimum. Laundry storage cabinets are a great choice for keeping your laundry room organized.

Tips For Having Your Laundry Room Look Its Best

Design for your laundry room used to be an afterthought, but it’s now increasingly common to see anything from cottage-inspired cabinets and sinks to sleek modern finishings in contemporary laundry rooms. As your house’s layout will often isolate it from the rest of the home, it often works well if you choose to go a little wilder in your laundry room, using colours, styles, or wallpapers you might not necessarily opt for in other places. This goes a long way to keep it from feeling gloomy and dreary.

While there are many ways to go about designing your laundry room, you should always start with planning your organization and storage system. Besides a washer and dryer, most laundry rooms also come with a lot of potential clutter, from cleaning products, irons, ironing boards, and more.

The first step to keeping your laundry room looking great is to ensure that all of your appliances and products can be organized effectively and kept out of sight when not in use. This should definitely be one of the spaces in your home where form follows function.

In a laundry room, the washer and dryer almost always going to take center stage. You can use this to your advantage by actively incorporating them as part of your design. Major brands now produce washers and dryers in slick new shades from reds and blues to chrome and steel.

To add a touch of luxury, pay attention to the materials for your sinks and countertops. Quartz and other natural stones can be great choices, but be careful to check that your materials can stand up to soaps and detergents–some, like marble, aren’t a good choice.

Lastly, if your laundry room is on the larger side, consider making it a mixed-used space. Popular choices could be a home gym, mudroom, workbench, or just add more storage space!

Laundry storage cabinets

While there are some exceptions, most laundry rooms tend towards the small side. This makes it important to maximize your use of the available space. Your chores will be a lot less painful if the room is properly organized and if everything can be put away and kept clean. The best way to do this is with the right mix of cabinets to provide you with the space you need–while still looking great.

If space allows, a great choice is to work floor-to-ceiling in part of your laundry room. Stack your dryer on top of your washer, and add in some great floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These can hold unwieldy cleaning products, such as a mop and bucket, Swiffer, ironing board, vacuums and more. Whether you go for floor-to-ceiling or not, it’s a must to have some wall-mounted laundry cabinets higher up to keep any dangerous products out of reach of kids and pets.

Besides the utility of your storage cabinets, they will take up a lot of the visual real estate and give the room a lot of its character and feel. If you’re trying to capture a particular look and feel, the right choice of cabinet colour and hardware can go a long way.


While most of us will never look forward to doing our laundry, the same doesn’t have to be true of entering your laundry room. With the right design and with a good choice of appliances, custom cabinets, and storage, your laundry room can brighten your day even as it makes your life easier.

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