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A change to your bathroom vanity can add new life to your entire room. It can also make your bathroom seem (or maybe even actually be) bigger and more comfortable.

As people have been staying home more often, they are interested in turning that home into a truly restful oasis. A part of that transformation lies in bringing in a new bathroom vanity.

If you’re one of those people looking into ideas for a bathroom remodel, then read on! We’ve got the bathroom vanity you need.

Connect with the Comforts of the Past with a Modern Farmhouse Look

“Farmhouse” might be the last thing you think of when you think of a bathroom, but you’d be surprised at how more comfortable it can make the whole house feel. A modern farmhouse look means a lot of wood with little metal or plastic. It also means quartz countertops, which fit the rustic look perfectly.

Go Small with the Vanity to Make the Bathroom Bigger

Here’s a simple idea, but one that can seriously improve the feel of your bathroom. By putting in a smaller bathroom vanity, you free up more space for the room as a whole. This one simple move can give you a lot of breathing room.

Try A Floating Vanity

The best thing about this bathroom vanity is that it simply looks cool.

A floating vanity hangs from the wall, leaving some space between the bottom of the bathroom vanity and the floor. You can do this one with granite countertops or quartz countertops—or really any type of bathroom vanity you prefer.

Double-Up the Sinks

If one sink is good, then two is great, right?

With a double vanity, you have two sinks in a bathroom vanity, with a single, rectangular basin collecting the water from both. If you have a large bathroom, then this is one of the best ideas for a bathroom remodel.

Focus on the Lighting

With different lighting, you can make your bathroom vanity seem brand new without actually switching it out. This might seem impossible, but you’d be amazed at how much new lighting can do.

Try a Corner Bathroom Vanity

Similar to the small vanity idea mentioned above, a corner bathroom vanity can maximize limited space in a tight bathroom. This is as simple as it sounds—a bathroom vanity built to fit into the corner of your room. It’s a particularly great idea if you have a small apartment or similar living arrangement.

Pedestal Sinks Give Attitude

Something about pedestal sinks projects an attitude. They give bathrooms bold style and a futuristic feel. They have a variety of styles and can fit with any bathroom design.

Bring Some Unique Beauty in with an Under-Mounted Sink

An under-mounted sink looks unlike any other bathroom vanity you’re going to find. Under-mounted sinks simply look totally unique. Their functionality has issues, as the sink takes up more room than most other sinks and therefore limits space on the rest of the vanity. But, as far as style points go, few ideas for a bathroom remodel can outdo this one.

Go Modern

Modern bathrooms designs have many advantages. They make use of the latest technologies to create smooth, sharp, straight lines that create a very clean feeling. The look is often likened to a masculine look. Modern bathrooms are usually on the darker side, with lots of steel and concrete.

Go with a Contemporary Bathroom Style

Contemporary may seem like the same thing as modern, but it isn’t. The contemporary bathroom is characterized by a minimalist design, hardwood, and a lot of colour. Quartz countertops make great vanities for this style.

Minimalist Look

A minimalist bathroom uses stainless steel, lots of mirror space, and glossy tile. The colours tend to be simple grey, white, and black. The minimalist look brings simplicity and grace to your bathroom. Granite countertops are a great complement to the minimalist bathroom design.

Switch Things up with a Vessel Vanity

Vessel vanities are shaped like coffers, bowls, or cans. They’re always interesting and can even be beautiful. They mean that you’ll have a little less room above the countertop, but you’ll also get more space below the sink.


A new bathroom vanity can make a dramatic difference to your entire bathroom space. It can bring style and elegance or comfort and traditionalism or any other personality that you’re trying to bring.

We hope this page helped you decide upon the right bathroom vanity for your own bathroom design.

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