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Choosing the right cabinets for your home can certainly be enjoyable if experienced professionals accompany you throughout your journey. Creative design, proper planning and top-notch installation services is what we offer to all of our clients.


A cohesive design is essential for any functional kitchen. Figuring out the best layout for your space and your needs is what our experienced designers do best. We understand the mechanics of a functional kitchen and will produce the best option for your space. We can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams by providing locally, precision manufactured cabinets and countertops, and highly skilled professional cabinet installation and millwork services. We offer a complimentary consultation with one of our in-house designers to discuss your bathroom and kitchen design ideas and needs.


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We find that many people are unaware of the intricate process involved in cabinet installation. A poor install can make a $50K kitchen look like a $10K kitchen. On the other hand, a great install can make a $10K kitchen look like a $50K kitchen! Excellence in any field comes from experience and talent. At Final Draft Cabinetry, not only do we have the experience and talent, we offer an incredibly high skill set in cabinet installation. Along with our passion, commitment, attention to detail and a deep technical knowledge of methods and materials in the industry, you will be receiving the best installation and millwork available.

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FInal Draft is a mid-size company that knows the importance of personal interaction and quality control. Not only are you getting quality cabinets & countertops, you are getting peace of mind knowing our established team of professionals will be there with you throughout the processes of design, measuring, project management, delivery, and installation. Please see our main highlights below:


100% environmentally-responsible cabinetry

Custom Kitchen Design

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High quality cabinetry at Exceptional value

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BC locally made by skilled craftspeople

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