Difference between Wood & Particle Board

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What is the difference between cabinets that use particleboard (also known as melamine or MDF) and wood?

Particleboard is an engineered wood made from wood chips, shavings and sawdust, mixed with resin and bonded with pressure. It is a commonly used material in cabinetry and furniture. It is strong and consistent in size, shape and thickness. While particleboard is an ideal and inexpensive material, it can swell if moisture comes in contact with it. It contains low levels of formaldehyde which meet the California Air Resource Board’s standards.

Birch plywood is another option that Final Draft cabinetry supplies. This is a manufactured material comprised of thin sheets of wood carefully adhered to one another. While this material is offered at an upgrade price from particleboard, it is stronger and more resistant to chipping, cracking and sagging. Another benefit is that it is also more resistant to water damage. If you are looking for a more natural and durable option this is a great choice.

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