Should I have my flooring installed before cabinets or cabinets before flooring?


Depending on whom you ask, you may be given different answers, but we can work either way. In our opinion, placing cabinets on top of flooring can be more advantageous. For example, should down the road you wish to change the layout of your kitchen, you are not bound to the footprint of what you had or left scrambling to find extra flooring to match what you have. Cost wise, you might be paying a bit more for material to cover the entire floor, on the other hand, placing the floor down after the cabinets are installed might increase labour costs as more time would be spent cutting the flooring to fit around the cabinets. As well, timelines would lengthen as we would be coming back to install the toe kick. We do request that you protect your flooring with a product called Ramboard, which should be installed 24” from the walls that cabinets will be installed against. We recommend using blue masking/painters tape to adhere.

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